At the Estrie Higher Education Hub (PRESE) the aim is to reinforce dialogue and increase collaboration between the three colleges and two universities in Estrie.

Through our annual fundraiser we are able to support the launch and progression of your project, no matter the field. We are especially fond of interdiscipinary projects!

  • Your project must bring at least two PRESE establishment members together.
  • The project can have up to a two year duration.
  • The allotted funding this year varies between $10,000 to $35,000.

Your project can also include other partners from Estrie such as public or private organizations, and NPO’s which contribute to regional development.

However, the responsibility of the project must fall on one or many of the individuals employed by a PRESE member establishment.

Deadlines – 2022 Competition

  • Letter of Intent: Decembre 20, 2021
  • Project Submission: February 22, 2022

Financial Support

Requests for less than $10,000

Year-round processing will take place for collaborative projects which require less than $10,000 in financial support.