Our Mission

Reinforce dialogue and multiply the collaborations between the member establishments of higher education in Estrie.


Our Values

  • Collegiality
  • Conviviality
  • Sharing Expertise
  • Innovation
  • Community Service

Our Goals

  • Promote inter-establishment networking.
  • Stimulate the sharing of expertise and best practices.
  • Support the creation of innovative collaborative projects that have an impact on academic perseverance and student success.
  • Pool together human, material, or financial resources.
  • Act as an interface with other consultation bodies and contribute to regional development.
  • Encourage the alignment of training paths between college and university levels.


In the Eastern Townships, Collaboration is a Vibrant Tradition

The creation of the PRESE has reinforced decompartmentalization of the college and university establishments, to share and develop expertise along many fields in higher education.  This opportunity brings together college and university-level establishments, and both the francophone and anglophone academic cultures.  

Since 2018, the PRESE made it possible to shuttle shared information and expertise between the administration of the five establishments, as well as faculty and teachers from college and university communities.

The PRESE reinvents the way to create projects in higher education by combining the expertise of colleges and universities.

These new collaborations and innovations create impactful benefits on establishments, the student body in the Eastern Townships, and the regional community.


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Coordination Office

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