Supporting Agricultural Micro-Business and Student Entrepreneurship

Agricultural business management and technologies

As part of the college diploma program, students in Agricultural Business Management and Technologies must create a micro-business and ensure all of its operations, from production to marketing. Groups of students can count on the rigorous supervision of their teachers in carrying out the project. In addition, they can also count on the financial support of Desjardins. All the initiated projects are guided by important environmental values.

Aux Plants d'Antan

In 2022, three new micro-businesses offered their products to the general public:

Aux plants d’antan: Selling vegetable plants from organic and native plant seeds


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Les Herbizarres-Ferme urbaine: Production, processing and marketing fresh microgreens and pesto


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Veaux Délices: Production, processing and marketing veal, soaps, smoked meat and sausages.


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In previous years, several different micro-businesses were created for production and sales of agricultural products, including:

Laix Riveaux : animal production and veal sales
Mico Mix : mushrooms
Ferme Batatas et compagnie : organic sweet potato seedlings
Mon petit jardin: organic vegetable window boxes
Ferme Les Lapins d’Or: animal and organic rabbit meat without hormones or antibiotics





Product sales take place annually between the months of February to May.

Delivery dates vary according to production.

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