Entrust Your Project to Future Civil or Building Engineers

Major conception projects

Are you a real estate or land developer? Do you work for a municipality or for a non-profit organization? Do you have an original project in civil engineering and/or building engineering? Submit an actual mandate to an engineering student team from the Université de Sherbrooke, who will put their expertise and energy into your project.

Learning by doing

During the bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or building engineering, students must on a major project as a team. Each member of the team will invest 270 hours of work, which represents more than 1,000 hours of student expertise per project.

Based on your needs, the team will develop feasible solutions, comparing them with each other based on economic, environmental, and social parameters. The team will recommend the most optimal solution, including a simplified life cycle analysis and a preliminary risk analysis.

They will then develop your chosen solution by carrying out the calculations, sizing, plans, specifications and estimates.

Admission requirements

To be admissible, a project must respect certain criteria, notably by accounting for sustainable development in the realms of social, economic, and environmental issues (contextualization). The project must also account for legal, cultural, reglementary, or political constraints. For the full list of criteria, contact the supervisor.

At your service