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Developed by researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke, Usito is the first electronic dictionary to describe standard French in use in Quebec while bridging the gap with the rest of the Francophony.

Free for all!

Since 2019, the Université de Sherbrooke offers you free access to this precious dictionary which opens a wide space to Quebec, Canadian and North American usage in all areas of everyday and professional life and promotes our cultural heritage.

Easy to use and scalable

The Usito dictionary is continually enriched by current events and your needs. The dictionary platform includes a powerful, user-friendly and intuitive search engine.

Higher education at your service

Usito was conceived, designed and produced by a research team from the Université de Sherbrooke. This colossal project by the Franqus team required more than fifteen years of work and the collaboration of around sixty people (writers, editors, consultants and computer specialists).

At the head of the research group, professors Hélène Cajolet-Laganière and Pierre Martel, co-editors, and Chantal-Édith Masson, IT director, wanted to fill a gap by providing the Quebec community with a lexicographical tool better adapted to its linguistic and cultural context. Today, they are delighted to see their work become permanent and accessible to all!

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