The Faculté de médecine Seeks Citizen Partners

Citizens and families in partnership for health program

A person’s health is much more than the diagnosis and treatment of diseases! Health is also measured by several determinants (social, family, economic, etc.). This is what the future doctors in training for a doctorate in medicine at the Université de Sherbrooke want to explore with you through a personalized consultation service.

For you, this initiative is a privileged opportunity to be accompanied to take stock of different aspects of your life and to identify elements that could improve your well-being. By becoming a partner in this exercise, you will get personal benefits, while contributing to the training of future doctors, who will develop a more global vision of health thanks to you.

The Université de Sherbrooke’s medical program is looking for 60 to 70 citizen partners in these categories:

  • families (adult living with at least one child);
  • couples;
  • people living alone, of all ages.

Personalized consultation service

During the meetings, the future health professionals will identify with you elements that could concretely improve your quality of life, your lifestyle and direct you to resources that could offer you services according to your needs in 4 main categories :

  • Basic needs
  • Health and safety needs
  • Needs to belong
  • Needs for recognition and self-actualisation

The first meeting will allow students to get to know you better and to target your needs through a questionnaire and discussions.

At the second meeting, the student team will present you with leads and resources that they have previously identified and that could meet the needs you have targeted.

A follow-up telephone call will be made between these two meetings to assess, for example, whether you have used the suggested services, whether your needs have changed or whether other resources would be more appropriate.

The third and final meeting will be used to review or continue the steps in relation to the solutions identified. Adjustments could be considered if necessary, before concluding the activity.


As part of the educational activity Apprentissage par le service dans la communauté, medical students learn about the community, organizations and their clientele, as well as the social determinants that influence health. In teams of 2 to 4 people, they will put their knowledge into practice under the supervision of a professor from the Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé.


The recruitment of citizen partners takes place in the autumn. You must complete the registration form. The programme will contact you to confirm your participation in the activity towards the end of the year. Student teams will be matched with applicants by January of the following year. Students will then contact you directly to schedule the first of your three meetings.

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