Get Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy for Your Child or Teenager


Are you concerned about your child or teenager’s development? Is he or she recovering from an injury or talking about persistent pain? The Coop CURE’s multidisciplinary occupational therapy and pediatric physiotherapy team can help!

What is the Coop CURE?

The Clinique universitaire de réadaptation de l’Estrie (CURE) is a unique cooperative rehabilitation clinic. Its mission is to offer physiotherapy and occupational therapy services, primarily to people of all ages who do not have access to these services and who are socioeconomically vulnerable.

The clinic is involved in developing the skills and knowledge of students and clinicians, adopting innovative and exemplary approaches.

The team will conduct an assessment to determine your child’s needs. Treatment goals will be determined and recommendations and adaptations will be suggested.

Paediatric rehabilitation services


Congenital torticollis and plagiocephaly, developmental delay, gait disorder, postural problems, musculoskeletal damage (club feet, brachial plexus injury, sprain, post-fracture, scoliosis, etc.), coordination and/or balance difficulties

Occupational Therapy

Developmental delays, gross and fine motor difficulties, screening for developmental coordination disorder, sensory impairments, difficulties with school prerequisites, lack of independence in daily activities.

Services for ECCs

The clinic also provides services to Early Childhood Centres (ECCs) to :

  • identify children aged 0-5 at risk of developmental difficulties to better prepare them for school
  • support educators in accompanying children with these difficulties


Services are offered at reduced rates to uninsured clients. Membership in the cooperative is required to access services. Preferential rates are offered to the student community of the Université de Sherbrooke. Insured persons are eligible for treatment at the CURE, but at costs equivalent to those of private clinics in the region.

Consult the Coop CURE website to find out the treatment costs.

At your service

Stéphanie Demers-Dubuc

Directrice générale

Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé , Université de Sherbrooke
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Physiotherapy services are offered primarily to a non-insured clientele who have access to reduced rates by becoming members of the cooperative. Insured persons are also eligible to be followed at the CURE, at costs similar to other private clinics in the region.