Prevent Your Teenager from Dropping Out of School

Clinique d'intervention psychoéducative

The Clinique d’intervention psychoéducative of the Université de Sherbrooke offers personalized psycho-educational follow-up to young people aged 12 to 18 to develop commitment and perseverance in school.

The services offered focus on the engagement and retention of adolescents aged 12 to 18 in the Eastern Townships (Sherbrooke and surrounding areas). An intervention inspired by the TRAIT D’UNION school retention program is implemented with the student. This service takes the form of individual psycho-educational follow-up which involves :

  • evaluation meetings;
  • the development of an action plan;
  • the implementation of the action plan;
  • a post-intervention evaluation.


For 12 weeks, a trainee carries out individual psycho-educational follow-up each week with a student at risk of dropping out of school who is registered at the clinic. In total, approximately 12 hours of meetings are held between January and April.

The main objectives of this intervention are to develop the commitment and school perseverance of the student at risk of dropping out. Other objectives tailored to each student could also concern the personal, social or family sphere.

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The student must be willing and committed to participate in the 12 hours of individual follow-up. If the student is 14 years old or older and gives his/her consent, the objectives worked on can be shared with the parents and the teacher in charge. A follow-up report is also given at the end of the course in accordance with the consent of the student’s age. Parents are also expected to support and encourage their teenager in the process.