Undertake a Supported Process to Reflect on Your Professional Future

Clinique d'orientation

Are you experiencing demotivation or dissatisfaction at work? Are you looking for a challenging job that lives up to your aspirations? The  Clinique d’orientation can help you find your way!

Career counseling services

You will be assigned a student guidance counsellor for 4 to 8 one-hour sessions. The sessions will take place in the rooms of the clinic, located at the Campus principal de l’Université de Sherbrooke.

Services are offered in the form of exchanges, discussions, information searches, written reflections and questionnaires. Depending on your needs, a psychometric evaluation and a written report can be provided.

At the first meeting, you will be asked to sign a free and informed consent specifying the terms of confidentiality. Your file will be kept under lock and key for 5 years, under the responsibility of the academic coordinator. The sessions will be filmed for educational evaluation purposes. The video recordings will be secured and destroyed once the grade review deadline has passed (student performance evaluation).

Karine (fictional name) has been an ambulance driver for over 15 years. She is no longer motivated at work and feels that her career is stagnating. She would like to change direction, but does not know which field would suit her interests and personality.

At your service


The response time varies according to traffic and the time of year. When you register online, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. A few weeks before the start of services, you will receive an email to update our waiting list. You will then be contacted to assess your needs, explain the procedures and inform you of the expected commitments. The Clinic does not make reports for the CNESST, for Emploi-Québec or any other professional person in employability. As the services are free of charge, no receipts for insurance purposes will be issued.