Developing Educational Computer Technology Tools which Enhance Data

Photo: Université de Sherbrooke
Computer data plays a key role in an organisation’s operations. However, in Estrie, many organisations find it challenging to ignite a digital transformation due to a lack of skills related to enhancing the data available in their information systems.

SQL is a well recognized programming language used in the workplace and taught in colleges and universities. Its teachings rely on the mobilization of knowledge in action. Learners are called to investigate and regulate a relational database through SQL scripts.

Since the educational approaches for learning the SQL language vary depending on the student profile and educational level, the teachers share the same need to offer tailored and engaging databases to its students. Preparing technical learning environments is essential but also energy draining, repetitive, and redundant between establishments.

This project allows for sharing expertise and to work towards a solution to create tools that prepare educational data environments. This tool generates personalized learning context to each learner’s educational background and will generate unique environments for each course and even to every person in order to promote co-learning, all while reducing the risk of plagiarism.

The project will have many rippling effects on teaching other skills (programming, Executive Information System, analytics, etc.). For example, the solution provides the creation of data sets for a course on creating management dashboards. The developed model bank can also serve to teach the business processes from the perspective of business data flows. The tools that are developed will be made available to promote spin-offs among the many potential users in higher education.

Project team

This project was made possible thanks to $49 900 of PRESE financial support, as part of the 2021 call for research proposals.

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