Creating an Urban Farm as a Multidisciplinary Learning Lab

This urban agriculture project is a group initiative made up of educators from 7 departments at the college and university levels who are mindful of the current environmental problems and motivated to take concrete actions to reduce the human ecological footprint.

The objective of this multidisciplinary educational project is to add a sustainable development dimension to many of the college programs and to generate profit from the sales of vegetable and fish harvests. The initial project aimed at creating spaces for vegetable and fish production in four recycled maritime containers serving as an incubator for innovative educational projects and to the development of creative technological and ecological solutions. Through 2020-2021, several stages of planning and testing on aquaponic equipment were undertaken.

However, facing a lack of maritime containers and obstacles related to municipal legislation, this project has been forced to change its course. The partners are still active and discussions are ongoing to redirect the project all while maintaining the initial pedagogical objectives.

Project team

This project was made possible thanks to $50 000 of PRESE financial support, as part of the 2020 call for research proposals.

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