Requests for less than $10,000

Year-round processing will take place for collaborative projects which require less than $10,000 in financial support.



Admission Criteria 

The project must be submitted by the person who is taking on the project and is employed by one of the PRESE member establishments. It must be done in collaboration with, and draw on, at least two PRESE member establishments.

There must be at least one of the following objectives;

  • Enhances accessibility to college or university studies, especially for underrepresented groups.
  • Reinforces academic perseverance and student success among the PRESE member establishments.
  • Improves academic completion services and fosters smooth transitions between inter-level education (high school to college, or college to university).
  • Deploys habits and specific measures tailored to the needs of the student community in order to  encourage diversity.
  • Responds to the national and regional demand for employment training.




Funding Decisions

For finance to be attributed, the project must undergo an evaluation by the PRESE Executive Comittee and obtain at least 3 of 5 votes of approval. Responses are generally given two weeks after proposal.

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To submit an application, fill out the form and submit it by email to the Hub Coordinator: Sophie.Vincent@USherbrooke.ca.