Requests for less than $15,000

Year-round processing will take place for collaborative projects which require less than $15,000 in financial support.

Admission Criteria 

The project must be submitted by the person who is taking on the project and is employed by one of the PRESE member establishments. It must be done in collaboration with, and draw on, at least two PRESE member establishments.

There must be at least one of the following objectives:

  • Promote access to college or university studies, particularly for under-represented groups (Indigenous peoples, first-generation students, people with disabilities, people from rural areas, etc.)
  • Improve the seamlessness of educational pathways and inter-order transitions
  • Develop practices and projects adapted to the needs of the student community in order to support its diversity
  • Respond to national and regional needs relating to career preparation in academic programming
  • Promote closer links between CEGEPs and universities and secondary schools in order to attract young people, especially girls, to IT-related academic programs

Funding Decisions

For finance to be attributed, the project must undergo an evaluation by the PRESE Executive Committee and obtain at least 3 of 5 votes of approval. Projects are evaluated continuously, from September 15 to June 15. Responses are generally given two weeks after the proposal.

Project Submission


For assistance, contact Sophie Vincent, coordinator of the PRESE