Do you Have a Question About Company Law?

Clinique juridique entrepreneuriale

The Clinique juridique entrepreneuriale of the Université de Sherbrooke offers you a free legal information service, if you want to start a business or develop your small business (social or for-profit).

The legal information service covers various areas of law:

  • Legal forms of business operation
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Intellectual property
  • Contracts
  • Protection of personal information

The response time is approximately one week.


The clinic provides legal information, but does not provide legal advice or opinions. Students cannot interpret the legal scope, draft or comment on your contracts. A question cannot be answered on the spot, or in an emergency. Students must have legal information validated by professional supervisors. Legal information is provided by telephone or by appointment in person. Although students are not subject to the protection of professional secrecy, they will not pass on information collected to anyone (except supervisors and other colleagues in the clinic) unless required to do so by law.