Entrust an Environmental or Sustainable Development Issue to University Students

Are you facing a complex environmental or sustainable development issue? Do you have a project related to the environment? Students from the Centre universitaire de formation en environnement et développement durable (CUFE) at the Université de Sherbrooke can provide you with answers or carry out a project with you.

Learn by doing

In order to serve the community and to help organisations and society meet new challenges, CUFE offers various opportunities for collaboration with its students.

Propose a master’s degree topic

Each CUFE Master’s student must produce a thesis or essay at the end of the programme. Each year, nearly one hundred essays on an environmental or sustainable development topic are written by students in the maîtrise en environnement, under the supervision of a specialist whose expertise is directly related to the subject of study.

You can propose a real problem you would like a student to work on. Each essay project is equivalent to 270 hours of work, spread over several months. The topics selected are very varied, depending on the interests and background of each student. You can see examples of projects already completed on the CUFE website.

Propose an integrating project

Students in the baccalauréat en environnement must complete an integrative team project at the end of the program. Each project is equivalent to 520 hours of work, spread over 12 weeks. The project must be concrete, applied, and involve a multidisciplinary team.

The project allows your organisation to collaborate with a motivated student team that will feed your reflection and document your project under study. Your project allows the CUFE to offer its students training that corresponds to the current needs of employers and thus contribute to the training of a professional workforce in a very high quality environment.

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For an essay, the work will be carried out by a Master’s student in environment, under the supervision of a CUFE teacher. For a project to be carried out, the team will be made up of four people studying for the baccalauréat or maîtrise en environnement, under the supervision of a teacher at the CUFE.



Topics can be proposed on a yearly basis, but there may be a delay of a few months before the work is undertaken if your proposal is successful. There is usually a year between the submission of the proposal and the delivery of the essay.


Projects can be offered all year round. Integrative projects take place in the autumn and winter terms.

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If you have an idea for a project and are willing to get involved in the training of environmental students, submit a short description to [email protected].