Is There an Environmental Issue That is Important to You?

Clinique en environnement

The Université de Sherbrooke‘s environment and sustainable development students will help you better understand certain issues that affect your living environment and help you implement sustainable solutions.


In operation since January 2017, the Clinique en environnement allows citizens, organisations and businesses to be accompanied in their environmental or sustainable development projects by students.

The Clinique en environnement’s first objective is to provide information, assistance and support in the field of the environment and sustainable development to the whole of Quebec.

Examples of services offered:

  • Conduct a literature review and analysis
  • Document a problem
  • Formulate recommendations
  • Conduct field visits
  • Assist in the development of a project
  • Inform and raise awareness
  • Guide the population and organisations to specialised resources

Thanks to its multidisciplinary teams and the varied experience of its students, the clinic can offer specialized services adapted to the projects proposed.

For its students, the clinic’s mission is to :

  • To further their education and develop their professional skills
  • To provide practical experience to prepare them for the reality of the labour market

Finally, in the long term, the clinic aims to guide and stimulate the engagement of citizens and organisations in environmental issues. The vision of the clinic is to contribute to the proliferation of environmental and sustainable development projects, as well as to the collaboration within society for the achievement of these projects.

Example of a project
Citizens living along the shores of a lake are concerned about the amount of sediment accumulating in the lake and are looking for solutions to ensure its sustainability. The Environmental Clinic can document this problem, propose an intervention and analyse the results.

À votre service

Véronique Rioux

Chargée de projets en environnement

Centre universitaire en environnement et développement durable (CUFE) , Université de Sherbrooke
819 821-7933 #65366


Without limiting itself to this, the clinic favours collaboration with organisations that have fewer resources (financial, technical, etc.). Since the mandates are carried out by students, the deliverables produced and the recommendations issued must be considered as environmental information and not as professional opinions (such as those issued by consulting firms or environmental experts).